Welcome to the Lydd Station Heritage Group (LSHG) official website.

Our Mission is really simple.

We want to save Lydd Station for the good of the community. At present the owners, Gramm Ltd have in conjunction with Bentley Park Homes, submitted a planning application to build a caravan park on the site. The plan includes renovating the former ticket office into private residential use for the owner and the former goods shed will also be converted to a private dwelling for the manager. At least, that's what they are trying to convince Folkestone & Hythe District Council they'd like to do. The truth is that should this application go ahead, the new owner and manager are unlikely to want to live in a small town knowing how unpopular they are for depriving it of its last hope of a rail link. There is also the risk that having now had three fires on the site, they may decide after permission is granted that the buildings simply cannot be saved and that'll be the end of them.

Please help us to save this iconic station.

The Former Lydd Town Station, is rich in heritage and has been disused by railway travellers since the 1960s. Closed as part of the infamous Beeching Axe, the community of Lydd and the surrounding Romney Marsh has been cut off from direct rail travel ever since.

The station retains an active railway line which serves the nearby Dungeness cargo terminal. Each week despite the residents of Lydd being unable to board a train, the station is passed by a nuclear waste train on a line that is not only active but regularly maintained and upgraded by Network Rail. In a perhaps even more bitter twist of fate, rail passengers have still managed to use the station platform via infrequent railtours typically operated by Hastings Diesels Ltd however the residents of Lydd are still refused access to the station and platform that was provided for them.

Recently in November of 2022, a fire tore through the former ticket office and incinerated it. The roof burned along with the Asbestos that it contained and the walls were scorched. The wooden timbers forming the floor were also completely decimated. The station now sits as an eyesore for the community of Lydd, deliberately neglected by it's owners.